Custom Bracing

  • custom knee brace

Total Health Physio offers a wide selection of custom and off the shelf bracing.  Our custom bracing specialist is certified for both Donjoy and Ossur ligament and/or osteoarthritis unloader knee braces.

Ossur and Donjoy braces are the number 1 preferred braces in the athletic community, worn by professional soccer, football and hockey players. Custom braces come with an ACL knee guarantee and a lifetime warranty on the carbon fiber frame. The Donjoy and Ossur Osteoarthritis unloader braces are backed by the Arthritis Society and are considered the best unloader brace on the market. We also offer a wide selection of Donjoy products, Ossur products, McDavid Braces, MedSpec Braces and Mueller Braces.

Click the link to see the full catalog of available Donjoy bracing options.

Click the link to see the full catalog of available Ossur bracing options.

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